Sunday, 20 May 2012

Stolen hour on a dull Sunday …

Somehow along the way today I managed to grab an hour that had nothing ‘planned/squashed’ into – yay.  An hour is better than nothing but it’s not really long enough to get the sewing 
machine out or my teeth stuck into a ‘project’. I used the 
time wisely and below is what I got up to during 
a stolen hour on a dull, grey Sunday …
I collected up my old magazines, 
each page has been read within an inch of it's life, 
and passed them on to new homes. Not before I wrapped them in twine and tied a sprig of Lilac ~ ahhh what a delish scent.
I have plenty of needs for a 'oh so beautiful' jar so these lovely lil niknaks were glued to lids, out came the sticky backed paper ~ a cut, peel and glue later = Ta Dah.
One is for the kids chalk, one for guitar plectrums (those things are found everywhere around our house) and two will be filled with sweets, small toys and hair slides and given as presents.
A Sunday isn't a Sunday without dog walking and 
hedge raiding for it's spring bounty.
Lil and large ♥

The next time I have spare, me and the sewing machine 
have a date ...

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