Monday, 16 July 2012

Birdie country garden retreat ...

We sure do know how to rock the first sunny(ish) Sunday we've had in ages ... yep spend it gardening ~ yawn!

We gardened like loons yesterday. I wont bore you with pics of well trimmed bushes (titter titter) but will share with you my transformation of 'bird table' into 
'pretty birdie country garden retreat'

Before ...  

Um, in between...
  Yep hands up, candy pink was a mistake but it was such a lovely colour I desperately wanted it would look fab.
Sigh, looking much more 'in keeping' with green.
All I need to do now is make a sign saying 
"Oi, no manky pigeons or riff raff can frequent this establishment ~ thank you". Signed the patron!

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