Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Unexpected learning curve ...

I'm finding myself on an unexpected learning curve since my focus has shifted from 'buying for myself' to 'buying to sell'.  
The joy of whiling away spare time junking has turned from a thought process of:
1, Do I really like it?
2, Is it cheap?

1, How much does it cost?
2, I like it but will other people?
3, Is it a neutral colour that would fit all types of homes?
4, Is it too quirky?
5, How much money and time will I need to spend on it?
6, How much could I sell it for?
7, Is there much of a profit in it?

This sensible approach to buying is all new to me and I'm realising fast that I need to follow some golden rules if I am to succeed in this vintiquing business.

This purchase below was made at auction and my sole purpose for bidding was because they looked quite nice whilst being waved in the air by the porter.  
Once I'd got them home and Bessie and I had inspected them it soon became apparent that they are 'proper knackered'! 
I am now faced with finding someone to re-stuff and re-upholster the seats plus a carpenter to repair the damaged and weak legs. Hummm, after spending the time and money these chairs require I'm  not really sure there will be any money left for all my troubles.

The same applies to anything made with EPNS. Believe me, I have spent way too long trying to clean tarnish off all kinds of objects made of this stuff and it just ain't happening. The cost of cleaners alone is eye watering and then if I factored in the time spent frantically rubbing, polishing and buffing it reaches epic proportions of 
'big fail'.
This innocent looking spoon is not so innocent if your trying to make it look spangly and saleable. 
EPNS: I've learnt to avoid it like the plague.

I could blog for hours on the 'mistakes' I've been making with regards stock for our unit but ... I'm learning fast and now find myself looking like one of those pro's who pick things up and turn them over. I always wondered what they were looking for and now I'm learning ~ the hard way.

There's still a tonne of stuff to learn and I think there always will be which is why I think this venture will suit me down to the ground.

One thing I have learnt so far though is how lovely it is to buy something that doesn't need to be scrubbed, cleaned, waxed, sanded, painted, polished, upholstered or repaired.
I now really, really, really appreciate 'newness' every now and then.

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