Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I'd arrived at the answer ~ marshmallows

I fess up ... I have had a total loon moment.
 In a quest to find the solution for being able to keep sugar in pretty old storage containers with perished seals (without moisture seeping in and making the sugar go rock hard) I have scoured the web and thought I'd arrived at the answer ~ marshmallows 
(Yep, I know. It was at this point I should have applied some common sense).

When the lovely Lisa popped in I had just finished munching on left over marshmallows and excitedly showed her my 'solution'.  "Look, I've laid marshmallows on top of the sugar in the sugar canister and squeezed some into the sugar shaker", Lisa's face didn't show the same excitement as mine at this marvellous discovery, it was more like "omg, wtf"!  

After two days my sugar was rock hard and I spent over two hours trying to prize marshmallow out of the sugar shaker with tweezers. I seemed to be the only person surprised the whole marshmallow thing hadn't worked ~ muppet!

When I relayed my tales of woe to Lisa she said "Oh, I thought rice was the thing to use, I think that's what most tend to use". It was at this point my common sense kicked into action and my brain said to it "OMG, where the hell have you been, she's been squeezing marshmallows into food while you've been away ~ don't ever leave me alone with her again"!
 I now have rice in my sugar shaker and new, air tight Kilner jars. 
I've painted the lids with blackboard paint and chalked on SUGAR (just in case my loony side strikes again and I use the contents as salt ~ stranger things have happened, believe me)!