Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Confessions of a tightwad ...

I dream of a cottage garden like my friend Wendy's ~ hollyhocks, lupins, roses ... you get the picture, gorgeous Englishness.
This can be an expensive dream and I clam up at the thought of paying extortionate garden centre prices and sadly, green fingered I most certainly am not.
My solution is: Once a year I go to a small nursery that supplies the local, larger garden centre with plants. I time it just right when they have a sale (around the beginning of July) when they take 25% off of the already greatly reduced prices. I then buy batches of Foxgloves and lupins and hand over my well earned £15.00. In the boot they go and when I get them home I play the "ewww it's all dirty" card so my husband plants them for me ;)  
We stand back and admire our ever (if not very slowly) expanding floral corner or our garden.

Ready to plant.
I much prefer this good 'ol fashioned packaging of old fruit boxes ~ I'm now trying to think of a crafty project for this crate.

Some TLC

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this years batch drop some babies for us to nurture in the spring ♥