Sunday, 22 July 2012

Lisa and I found the Holy Grail ...

Well, today was the day Lisa and I found the Holy Grail. 
A place recommended to us by my Dad that was said to be a land where 'you can get just about anything vintage' ... OMG!

This land did not disappoint and even hardcore scourers of all places second hand such as Lisa and I were overwhelmed for a while.  When we'd gained composure we were off, snapping up all kinds of delights like kids in a sweet shop.  I can not put into words the sheer volume of lovely, vintage things on almost every stall from 50's fabric and lace to 60's retro furniture and a mass of ancient pottery,  Below is a selection of things I bought that will be going in to our unit. 
Other than the sign, thats destined for my son's bedroom.
This is such a pretty 1950's feather eiderdown.
I'm soooo tempted to keep it (the photo doesn't do it justice, it's beautifully embroidered) but sadly I'm 'trying to be professional' & think of our customers before myself (boo hoo).

Lisa bought a tonne of lovely stuff too that she'll work her magic with to make the most gorgeous stock for the unit.

Now sadly, this most fab land will have to remain mine and Lisa's lil secret (I know ~ grrr, sorry) ~ but I can guarantee some of it's delights will be for sale in our unit.

Address: Hatch End
The Old Poultry Farm
Middle Aston
OX25 5QL
Business Hours: Monday to Saturday:
9.30am - 5.00pm
Sundays and Bank Holidays:
10.00am - 4.00pm