Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sign of the times ...

Sign o' the times ...

(Yay, finally I can legitimately quote the total legend and my fav of all time ♥Prince♥ in a blog post)

As I had a day off work today to watch my sons sports day (which was cancelled due to the damn weather), I used the time wisely and set off early this morning with an A4 sheet of paper full of scribbles that consisted of a memory download listing all of the things I'm supposed to have done and haven't.

First stop was to pick my sewing machine up from being serviced and repaired.  The lovely shop assistant went off to find it and was gone for what seamed like an eternity. She came back red faced, flustered and very apologetic explaining that they have seen an influx of people buying second hand sewing machines and bringing them in to be serviced. She explained that what was once a trickle of 'ladies of a certain age' trundling in with their machines has now become a torrent of assorted people or all ages and varieties so they have had to employ another repair person to help.

I then walked through the town market and felt like I'd been transported back to the 70's, there in front of me was a large stall bustling with activity selling balls of wool in all colours and textures, knitting patterns and brand new shiny knitting needles. What a delight!

Cor, I have been struck today at how inventive, resourceful and capable we are becoming to warrant the need to employ sewing machine repairers and a market stall stocking hundreds or balls of wool and both finding business booming ~ yay for them :)

I'm off to change my name to Erika or another fab 70's name and find out my old Wombles T-Shirt, looks like we're heading for a 70's revival ;)