Saturday, 30 June 2012

I've had to soul search ...

Big sigh, I've had to do some soul searching.
We took a family trip over to mine & Lisa's unit this avo and was greeted with the news that, not only had we both sold things but so much so our lil booth was looking so bare it looked liked we'd only half moved in. This should of made me happy but it didn't, it made me panic that it needed re-stocking asap. This shouldn't induce a feeling of panic, let's face it, I have four large shelves full of stock ~ but it did. 
Lisa popped around this evening and waiting by the door were two boxes of beautiful things packed and ready to go to the unit tomorrow, Lisa's first comment was "is that all you're taking, go on fill it up in there".  It had taken lot's of picking up and putting back down again to get the two boxes of things together. Then ... my husband gave me 'the talk' about the fact that I knew what good business practice was and he couldn't see any sense in me holding back stock ... if it's for sale then let it be seen was his words in a frustrated voice.  After finding lot's of reasons to defend why I thought it was good business sense to only put some of my beautiful things in the unit, when my husband explained why none of what I was saying made sense I blurted out
"but they are my lovely things and I just can't part with them all in one go"
Silence ...the penny dropped.
If I am to make a go of this I have to be prepared to sell all of the lovely things I have collected over the years that are surplus to requirements. 
If I was selling clothes or something I would have my business head on and would be stocking like a loon but ... I'm selling my beautiful things.
I've been back to the shelves and reminded myself why the things are on them in the first place and given each and every item the once over and told myself 'I can keep it, so where am I gonna put it .. ah right that's why I decided to sell it because there is no where to put it'.
ALL of my stock is on it's way to the unit tomorrow, and although I'm sad to see it go I now know it's the right thing to do and any future lovely things bought will be with the unit in mind. 
Look out shoppers, you've gotta whole host of beautiful things collected over many years just waiting to be given a new home and be shown the light of day coming to our unit near you!! 

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