Sunday, 3 June 2012

Boho obsession ...

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I seem to have developed an ‘all things BoHo’ yearning since the arrival of sunny weather.  I go off in search of second hand jewellery and fabric in the bohemian style as often as I can,however my finds are a bit hit and miss as I continue to try and perfect this style! I’m fast discovering that what can pass as a funky bit of Boho cool, when paired up with the wrong clothing/fabric can quickly turn into ‘older lady chic gone wrong’. I’m learning fast that layering is the way to go and the more BoHo’esq necklaces and bracelets worn the better.  I feel a bit like a teenager again trying to find ‘my’ style and having a few miss-judgments (aka OMG what are you wearing) along the way.  I have to say my long flowery bohemian dress makes me feel like a right nonce and seems to be hell-bent on tripping me up stairs and making me paranoid that, one of its many floaty bits are caught up in my knickers ~ but I’m hoping I’ll learn to love my new found hippy look. Yep, I’m getting comments along the lines of ‘Er, are times that hard your wearing the curtains now ~ haaaa’ and ‘hum, your dress is err very floral, maybe a belt would help’, I was under the impression my attire was complete and that no ‘help’ was needed. Anyways, here is a little gallery of some of my new BoHo buys, I’m hoping they fit the Bohemian catagory nicely and much more Boho then HoBo or even OhNo!!! 
See what you think?

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