Monday, 11 June 2012

5 heart gifts await their new home...

On the 29th May I posted about my excitement at being paired up with the lovely Hannah, writer of 
for Mary Poppins 'Handmade Heart Swap'.
 For those who may have missed previous blog posts about Mary's Handmade Heart Swap basically, you sign up to hand make 5 things that are ‘heart’ related.  You are then paired up with a partner and you post your crafty makes to them and they post their handmade delights to you.  What’s better than receiving a handmade gift in the post knowing it was made with love especially for you.
It's now a couple of weeks on and any spare time I've had my thoughts have turned to what to make Hannah, sourcing supplies, working out how to make my ideas and finally the actual 'making'.
I'm very pleased to say that my handmade heart gifts are complete, wrapped and awaiting their new home. 
When swap day comes and presents have been received and opened I'll post pictures of what I've made her.
I really, really hope Hannah loves each and every gift. 
 I've tried to personalise them and cater for what I think her tastes are. 
Eeeek, fingers crossed she get as much pleasure and enjoyment out of each and every one as I've had making them for her X.


  1. Oh man...I so so want them...they look so so pretty! Know they are wrapped, but they look so beautiful as they are!! x

    1. lol ... I can almost hear the excitement in your voice!!! X