Friday, 8 June 2012

Concoctions dotted hither and thither ...

I have a bit of a crazy thing going for two things at the mo,one is the colour white and the other is polished silver.
I’m liking soft, subtle shades of white either on their own or layered. They can take on a sense of purity, illumination and cleanliness ~ I’m all up for being pure, illuminated and clean!
The only down side to my white phase is that I also like colours, too much, so I currently have ‘areas’ of white dotted around the house.
 I love this little concoction, and it especially stands out because of having colour surrounding it on the shelving above.
White is too impractical for our home of one man who works in fields all day, two children, two dogs and two cats which is why
 I love my little pure,illuminated and clean concoctions 
dotted hither and thither!

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