Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Our porch needed a lift ...

Well, I’ve been very busy with my crafty ways but I’m keeping my creations under wraps atm as they are presents for the lovely Hannah who is my partner in the 

When they have been safely received I will post photos of what I have made for her ~ eeek hope she likes them.

In the meantime I have done a few quick ‘make overs’ of furniture and thought I’d post a pic of one …
Our porch needed a lift, to say the old fake Bay Tree we'd had in there for 6 years was looking past it was an understatement.
I unearthed a table that had been in our loft for way too long because the top was scratched beyond repair ...
(you know the type: Nice table bought before kids, kids come along and trash said nice table, nice table gets put in the loft as cost a lot of money so just can't bear to part with it).
I gave it a light sanding (really more like a half hearted rub)then painted it using a left over pot of subtle pink, thought "damn, it looks too bedroom'ish" so went over the top using a dry brush and grey paint. I then used clear wax to seal as it will be used outside.
ta dah ...
I think it needs 'accessorizing' but I'll save that for another rainy day :)

The pink and grey layering.

The table I painted was the same as this just a bit larger 
(it's the largest of a nest of tables).

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