Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lets find beauty in stuff ...

Yesterday I went to a general auction held in a small quaint village within their village hall.  The lot’s for sale were clearly more in the way of what local residents had submitted for sale and not so much of the house clearance lots’ that are for sale at our regular Auction.  Whilst sitting through nearly 600 lot’s I was struck by how god damn lucky and affluent we must be!  There were corner cupboards that looked dated but were made by hand using beautiful wood, electrical kitchen items that were spotless and in perfect working order but had been discarded for the latest released model, colour or 'in' brand. Soft furnishings, mainly curtains that were hand made in top quality fabric and lined in thick heavy material with weights added to the bottom as thought had been given to how they would hang and frame the window.  These, once costly possessions had been discarded for looking dated.  How tragic! I’m not whiter than white, I hold my hands up and say I've bought out of desire and not necessity or practicality but I'm going to try not to any more.  The items that went unsold will probably end up on a journey to a hole in the ground ~ perfectly good items that were made out of beautiful trees or in factories that resemble battery farms where people work damn long and hard to make a living and for what? The end result to be a one minute wonder ~ how egotistical!  People growing up during War times say they had never had it so good and even though they lived with rationing on a spectrum of things they ‘made do and mended’, when money runs out creativity kicks in. People of that era had a blast and when asked today if they would rather live in these times or go back to times of making, growing, mending they would jump at the chance to go back to how things were back in the good 'ol days.  I’m not going to turn into a extra on the good life and spout on about the environment, poor Whales and icebergs but something switched on in my head yesterday and made be realise just how embarrassed I am to live in a ‘throw away society’ and how I for one will up the anti and up-cycle like a loon to use and enjoy what there is on offer out there for a couple of quid all because it doesn’t look right anymore.  Come on folks lets have a go at trying to make things look nice again and enhance the beauty of things that others have not seen beauty in.
Signed: Kirsty Allsop *jokes* Me!

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