Saturday, 30 June 2012

Even the cat took a closer look ...

Well, my 'can't even boil an egg properly' gene has thankfully bypassed my daughter ~ phew! 
She spent last night cooking all kinds of delights (for pleasure? ... I ask you) and amongst pastries and other yummy stuff lined up looking way too tempting this morn were these two pots of the tastiest jam ...
Even the cat had to take a closer look thinking
'OMG, that can't be home made jam surely'?
"Yep Haz it is, I know right"?

My disastrous attempts at cooking are legendary (friends will especially remember my jam making fiasco which is just too embarrassing to re-live and share all over again) and I'm still waiting to grow up and become a domestic goddess like all of my friends.
The fact my daughter can make perfect jam means her wait(at such a tender age)is over and she really is my domestic goddess to be proud of ♥

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