Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Our stocked unit ...

It's official 
~ Lisa and I are in Business ~

We left in convoy this morning with both cars full to the roof (with the contents rattling and clanging all the way) with washed, polished, handmade, hand painted and priced stock.

This has been a long time in the planning for us both.  In the past we have set up a small stall in a local village and every Friday morning we did a great trade but sadly being asked to get all kinds of insurance put pay to that. We then attended summer fetes and Christmas Bazaars but these weren't as regular as we'd of liked.  We had held craft fairs in our local village but being out in the sticks we were never gonna become a Lord Sugar! We have had our names on several Antique Centres waiting lists for a small unit but the rent has turned out to be a bonkers price until ... today!

So here it is, No. 27
Our own little pie in the sky dream that, as of today has become our reality ...

We both think it's looking a tad sparse in areas so feel the need to go shopping for more stock ~ like ASAP.
All in a days work!!!

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