Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Definitely made a bespoke, one of a kind coat ...

I recently picked up a posh, brand new, hand made winter coat for our lil Bess pup.  A total bargain at 50p from a Charity Shop, I gave it a wash through in the machine and I was excited to try it on her for size. I fiddled and faffed with the Velcro fasteners until it fitted just right and was just about to stand back and admire my thrifty buy and one very posh pup when I was deafened by raucous laughing, 
"ha ha Bessie's wearing a cape, super Bess, hey come and have a look at this Mum's bought Bessie a cape". 
"It's NOT a cape"! 
No one was listening to me, with all the hysterical laughter Bessie had got over excited and was jumping from chair to chair ... "so OK, it may look a little bit like a cape" :/
Undeterred I set about trying to make the 'cape' more
 'bespoke coat' so back to the charity shop I went and bought a tired and ripped poncho for 50p.  A snip here, tuck there and several stitches later I do believe I have definitely made a bespoke coat that it is one of a kind! I haven't shown the family yet but as you can see from Bessie's expression below I'm sure they will be thinking the same as her 

"You can not be serious, like OMG"!!!


  1. Haha!! Well i think she looks fab! Although she's not looking so impressed with the idea..think she preferred the cape! x