Sunday, 11 March 2012

My mirror gamble has paid off ...

I am a wife for a property maintenance guy …. "and"? some might say, others who are also cohabiting with such men will know their properties are the very last to be maintained.  “After doing it all day I’m home now and want a rest from it” is the reply I get to my “can you just do …” questions.  One of my husband’s clients entertained the Homes and Gardens crew last week who had come to do a photo shoot of their home, including my husbands handy work, oh how I’d love the opportunity!  Anyways … I have been waiting all but 3 years to have my husbands help re-decorating our kitchen and finally the threat of getting someone else in to do the work got the job done (“I’m not paying someone to do what I can do myself” came the reply - result)! It has been, replastered, coving put up, re-painted with far too many coats of cream paint to cover over dark green, kitchen units painted, 17 new door knobs stained and fixed, table sanded and waxed, blind made, and my favourite bit … mirror used as a splash back.  Having three years to decided how to decorate certainly made me 100% sure of the look I wanted and my mirror gamble has paid off. 
 I'm (finally) over the moon with my spangly new kitchen and my very own property maintenance guy did a splendid job x

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