Monday, 26 March 2012

I often wonder what USA think of our styles, likes and general demeanour? ...

Sometimes it’s hard to see ourselves in the eyes of others and I often wonder what say, USA think of our styles, likes and general demeanour?  I watch a TV show on sky where one studio is based in LA and another is in the UK, the LA d├ęcor is a bright, happy mix of sunshine colours and fun where as the UK studio has black, white  and deep red walls, animal skulls in glass boxes and antlers hung from the walls.  I wouldn’t think twice when walking into the interior of the UK office, it’s very British and the norm to me but compared to its LA counterpart its quiet frankly ‘weird’. I spent Saturday in London and took a few random photos of things I saw through out the day and came to the conclusion that we Brits are utterly fab, unique, quirky, eccentric, free spirited and very expressive through what ever means we have available.  I’d love to know how others would describe us as ~ hopefully as ‘totally splendid’!

Rule Britannia!

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