Saturday, 17 March 2012

Really … more chintz?

Since having our kitchen redecorated in calming creams I am trying ‘oh so very hard’ to create a simple and minimal look.  With a café style blind needed to finish off the window I headed off to our local fabric shop, my mind brimming with thoughts of simple Ticking fabric in very discrete colours.  The store had rows and rows of the most gorgeous Ticking in every colour imaginable with several being the perfect choice for our spangly new kitchen but my eye kept being drawn to a small row of chintz.  I kept chanting over and over ‘step away from the rosy chintz, keep it simple’.  I stood pondering over Ticking for way too long and when the shop assistant asked if I had finally made up my mind my mouth engaged before my willpower kicked in and I said “yes, I’d like the rosy chintz please”.  On the drive home, if it was possible to I would have been kicking myself, all I could think was ‘grrrr once again I’m filling a room with a mixture of colours, styles and chintz’.  Once home my very limited sewing skills were put to the test when trying to match the pattern repeat on two panels and making a lining (both I’d never attempted before) but after sewing and un-picking, measuring and more un-picking the end result is better than I thought I could produce (thankfully).  I tentatively hung my masterpiece up with the nagging thought “should have bought Ticking, should have stuck to the plan, really … more chintz?”.  
I stood back, placed my hands on my hips and gradually started to assess my choice through half closed eyes …. 
I then let out a large sigh – of relief. 
 No room of mine is complete without the prettiness of a rosy piece of chintz and finally, the room is complete.

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