Thursday, 22 March 2012

Village life : The first few warm days of the New Year ...

Having this recent spell of warm weather really is like a breath of fresh air.  The idea of our village covered in a blanket of snow not so very long ago seams to have ‘melted’ from my mind by the welcome arrival of the warm, spring days.  
Our daily walk along the country lane leading to my son’s school has suddenly been transformed from a vast expanse of boring brown to now having hints of green, yellow, pink and purple.  Everywhere I look there are signs of new life from spring bulbs and flowers to the new little green shoots appearing in the hedgerows and verges.  Our local pond has seen the welcome arrival of 'frog spawn a-plenty' and lambs are appearing in the surrounding fields.  I’m loving sneaking in an afternoon cuppa whilst soaking up the hazy sunshine watching birds busily gathering twigs and flitting off to make a cosy nest for their chicks (that are still only a glint in their fathers eyes) ;)
 The first few warm days of the New Year 
truly are fab.  
 Prettiness poking out of a vast expanse of brown :)
The excitement of counting Lambs on the way too and from school and working out how many new additions we can spot.
Spring just isn't spring without daff's :)
We take the return of fornicating frogs very seriously here !!! ;)
Wow, what a lotta frog spawn! They have been errr 'busy'? 
Blue sky and blossom :)

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