Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bring on the sewing machine ...

Our lil puppy dog is literally eating herself out of her house and home (crate and bed)!  We put her in her crate over night, go and see her first thing in the morning and she is surrounded by large white fluffy bits of foam that was the padding in her bed the night before. This is becoming a regular thing now and no matter what deterrent (or exciting new toy) we deploy she still looks like she’s in the middle of the largest candy floss ball you ever did see by morning. Bring on the sewing machine!!!

This afternoon I have lovingly made her an ultra soft, pink, blankie cushion. I basically made an envelope cover * out of an old blanket, attached the all important bone as decoration using bondaweb * and inserted a pillow.

Fingers crossed this one stays intact (I actually much prefer it to the previous shop bought posh circular one), with a 14 week old puppy though I can see I’ll be busy ‘bringing on the sewing machine’ for a while yet!

* Envelope Cover:  See my previous post for the method used.

* Bondaweb: See my previous post for the method used.   


  1. Do you know, this almost makes me want to get a puppy so I can commission you to make one for me!! As usual a fab creation :)

  2. Ah thanks. May be I should branch out & experiment making a cat bed too ;) x