Sunday, 4 March 2012

Welcome arrival of early spring sunshine...

Yesterday afternoon saw the welcome arrival of early spring sunshine.  The back door was left wide open all afternoon, washing dried on the line, the dog slept in a sunny spot on the lawn and I had the urge to craft!  I borrowed my friend’s lovely daughter and we set to making something pretty for her new bedroom.  As I have some kind of random obsession for lamps we selected one from my ever increasing stash and set about personalising it and making it fit for Beth’s brand spanking new room.

We used decoupage to brighten up the base and added the all important scattering of bling.  We then delved into my bits and bobs box full of things I’ve saved from cards, presents, broken jewellery, etc and used these to adorn the shade.
Ta dah - a la very swish!
One, slightly boring lamp (but a snip at £1.00).
Base now looking suitably fancy.

Shade looking even fancier.

A perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon :)

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