Sunday, 18 March 2012

So, I stained it with a tea bag ...

With Easter approaching my thoughts have turned to what treats to buy our two kids other than chocolate.  Every year we are showered with all types of chocolate in all kinds of pretty wrapping and for days after I find the kids gorging when they shouldn’t and wrappings stuffed in all manner of places they think Mum’s don’t look.  This Easter see’s my daughter in her teens and no longer excited by sweet flavoured lip gloss and pretty pink nail varnish – it’s black clothes & nails, purple lips and a love of scruffy looking boys in heavy rock bands all the way now.  I’m thinking we’ve outgrown Superdrug for Easter goodies this year!  So, I turned to my favourite place – Etsy.  This site never fails to draw me in, get me cooing over all of the beautiful things and leave with a wish list as long as my arm. I found the perfect present from a Spanish company called PRRINT
and I can not tell you how chuffed I am with the quality and the distinctive look their pieces have.  
They produce prints on to the pages of vintage Spanish books – genius!  I searched around in our attic for a suitable sized frame and found the perfect one however, the mount was way too light and ‘new’ looking to suit the old paper so I stained it with a tea bag to give it that un-even, aged effect.  Voila!  
I know, I know, *cringe* not really a suitable subject matter for ‘Easter’ but titled 'Seize the day' I'm thinking it kinda has the right sentiment?  One things for sure it's a gift that is truly unique, I know she’ll absolutely love and enjoy long after the Easter bunny has hopped off and that won’t leave shiny paper hidden in all the places Mum’s don’t look!
Nice but ready for an update.
Starting to stain with a damp tea bag.
Carpe diem is a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace that has become an aphorism.  It is popularly translated as 
"Seize the day".

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