Sunday, 26 August 2012

A caravan is the wagon our hearts so desire ...

The great outdoors is getting closer and closer ~ yep,  I’ve finally convinced my husband that a caravan is the wagon our hearts so desire.
I have never, ever, ever holidayed in a caravan but ‘somehow’ I have this image that a shell on two wheels is the gateway to all things wonderful.  I can see us cooking yummy food over a campfire, sitting outside our shell on wheels of an evening drinking wine and watching the sun go down, the kids having acres to roam and explore and having our beloved dogs with us on their very own lil holiday.
My husband kinda burst my idyllic bubble with talk of dry rot, gas leaks, road worthy state emptying the toilet twice a day, blah. My brain doesn’t compute with these things, it’s too full with plans to ‘boho’ up Hermie (yep I’ve already named our future home from home as Hermie ~ after a Hermit crab who carries his home around with him). I have ideas swirling around of boho, come hippy, come Arabian nights type affair and us all lounging around like we’re throw backs from the 70’s.
I’m just bursting to do the whole nesting process and am finding it impossible to sit back and wait for us to find our Hermie (my husband is being very meticulous) so I am busy collecting things to feather our mobile nest. As with all things of late, it’s got to be on a strict budget but that suits me as I find when money dries up my creative juices start to flow. Below is what awaits our Hermie …
Brand new with tag, this will look really pretty hanging from our canopy. Cost = £2.00
Original retro Pyrex plates.
Cost = £1.50 for 4
Lurvly cushion covers.
Cost = £1.00 for the three

 I am properly in love with this scarf that I'm gonna use as a either a throw, curtain or table cloth.
Cost = 50p
Necklace that I will use as a tie back.
Cost = 25p
Hum, spot the odd one out? These fab original 70's pillow cases are bright, fun and funky but boho/Arabian nights they sadly are not. The white with green embroidery ones (ooops, that need an iron) are more in keeping but not half as fun. I think it's gonna be a try it and hope they 'blend' in!!! 
Cost = 50p each, £2.00 in total.

The cost so far has been a mere £7.25 ~ yay. 
All we need now is Hermie the caravan