Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Come rain or shine a bargain is a bargain...

Come rain or shine a bargain is a bargain and in the pursuit of said bargain you kinda have to take the good with the bad.
Auctions days are guaranteed to be good.  On arrival Wendy and I have it down to perfection and whilst she registers and get a bidding card I find us the best seats in the house. Once viewing is over we set ourselves up for the day with a large coffee, bacon butties and a homemade Eccles cake.  We stay seated all day with lovely ladies on hand to keep us topped up with refreshments and porters to draw our attention to the next lovely item that’s up for sale. You can pay by any means that’s convenient to you and if you see a large item you really must have, well that’s no problem either as the lovely staff will store and deliver to your door. Down side to this oh so comfortable and civilised way to hunt down a bargain is commission ~ boo hiss.

Below are pics from our last day at the auction
I had my eye on this Indian screen but it sadly went for more than I wanted to pay :(
The best seat in the house: comfortable sofa with a table infront and coffee and butties waiting. By the way, this Heals sofa sold for just £10.00!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now car boot days can be the exact opposite! The very next day after the auction I went with the lovely Lisa on a 70 mile round trip to a large car boot sale. There is no porter to point out lovely things to buy and a good 'ol rummage is the only way to find the good stuff. You get a tut or sigh if you try and pay with a note larger than a £5.00, you have to carry the items around (and around) with you and the refreshments leave a lot to be desired. On our visit after only an hour of looking the heavens opened and we got soaked to the skin (literally). The things we'd bought got drenched and we sat dripping wet during the 45 minute trip home. We'd only managed to see a third of the boots before rain stopped play, I can not put into words the frustration of knowing there are lots still to see and buy but it's all being covered or packed up ~ grrr. However, what we did manage to buy was amazing and I totally love every single thing which all cost no more than a couple of quid each. It's what makes me get that 'yay' feeling everytime we go and, what ever the weather I have a real blast. 

As you can see, the pursit of hunting down stock for the unit is not always a doddle however, put off we most certainly are not and the hunger for that next lovely thing to do up and sell is still as strong as ever, rain or shine.