Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My luv for anything Cabbages and Roses ...

Following on from my previous post about my complete and utter LOVE of all things Cabbage and Roses and my excitement over receiving five (sadly teeny tiny) swatches of their devine fabric (here), I have been busy putting every single piece to good use. Here are a few things that has had the Cabbages and Roses make~over:

This is the book I use to write all things unit~like in. I had an amusing conversation with a friend (who happens to be an accountant) when she asked me where I keep all of my expenses, purchases, costs, blah info? I told her I use a notebook to which she replied "Oh, are they good I've never used one of those before?" After looking baffled at her for way too long the penny dropped and I said "noooo, not the electronic version. I mean a pad I picked up from Sainsburys". She rolled her eyes at me in horror.
Well, with a notebook looking this pretty who would wanna fiddle about with a spreadsheet?
As seen in a previous blog post, my lovely lil sail boat.

The ultimate of prettiness in a neon pink frame.

Another sail boat (grr, wish I hadn't covered the bottom and just did the sails but you live and learn).
These five pieces of loveliness look quite big in this pic but they don't go very far when trying to spread the pattern on as many things as possible.
 Man, can you imagine what I'd be like if I actually owned something proper in this divineness ~ ah, a girl can dream ...