Thursday, 2 August 2012

My 'coveted' item ...

I'm sure we all have a 'coveted' item, something that we'd love to own.  Mine is something that has been going around and around in my thoughts for at least 5 years now, (other than a Lotus) this being two large Cabbages and Roses cushion covers. 
Ahhh, Cabbages and Roses ♥ So English ♥ So pretty ♥ So perfect ♥
I have promised myself that if I ever make money from our lil unit this is the first thing I will treat myself to (bills, blah .. what bills)? In anticipation of this momentous moment I have lined up five swatches of fabric on the back of our sofa.
 Nothing compares to this perfection (drool).

Now I have in my mits, 5 (albeit small) pieces of this, oh so beautiful, fabric I am going to utilise every single thread.
Below is just the start ... 

All at sea ...                           Sail away,sail away,sail away