Friday, 17 August 2012

♫ These are a few of my favourite things ♫ ...

Following on from my last post (here) below are a few of my favourite things bought from the wet and windy car boot sale ...
One old lady purse for £1.00

A gorgeous hand stitched vintage pillow case,
A neon pink frame which now contains a tiny swatch of
cabbages and roses fabric,
Two vintage glass decanters. 
Ones victorian and the others edwardian. Sadly, this photo doesn't do them justice ... they are sparkly & stunning.

I could go on and on with pic's of what I bought home with me, literally 'three bags full' but don't wanna bore you!

I'm going to pastures / boots new tomorrow so fingers crossed for a dry day and an array of delights waiting to be discovered.