Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Our worlds have now collided ...

Well, we have finally found our home from home on two wheels. It's been a journey of discovery just finding said caravan to take us on our journeys of discovery.  My initial pie in the sky idea has taken many twists and turns and what we have finally settled on is not what I started looking for.
My search started around 6 months ago and I quickly fell head over heels in love with a 1960's caravan the owners had called Mable. Mable was a vision of retro beauty and even earnt her keep as a prop for BBC TV programmes ~ she was divine. Mable even won the heart of my husband who was not as keen as me to purchase a caravan. Mable was an introduction into 6 months research and leg work which has lead us to our final purchase.
I have been obsessively swooning over 60's and 70's retro caravans of an evening for a while now and my poor husband has been like a cat on hot bricks every time he hears the words "Oh, come and have a look at this, isn't it perfect, shall I ring them?"  My idea of perfect is retro looking oozing character and charm. My husband’s idea of perfect is free of damp and rot and not another project. This is where our worlds have parted and I've been left to go it alone in the search for our home from home.
After months of research a great tip off came from my uncle Clive who suggested we visit a local caravan site and service centre. The information they imparted was invaluable and on the journey home the penny reluctantly dropped that 60's/70's caravans were dogged with problems and, like all older things, would be a constant project to keep inhabitable and roadworthy. My husband knew I'd finally come around to his 'sensible' way of thinking.
I then begrudgingly dragged my pie in the sky dream forward into the 80's and went in search of some classic 80's nostalgia whilst my husband banged his head against a brick wall thinking ~ grrr she so does my nut in, she's still a decade out.
Flip forward into the 90's where it is just about possible to find a caravan without damp and in a road worthy, non-project state and we've hit our compromise and found our home from home on two wheels.
Our choice is practical, homely, in a road worthy state and has everything and more I ever dreamt we'd have in such a confined space. Its early 90's and I can see us finding it a breeze holidaying in it. Its 30 years away from my initial starting point but then I'm more than 30 years ahead of the game in knowledge now than when I first started out on my search. I can't look at old retro caravans in the same light anymore and charm has been replaced by the service centre words ringing in my ears of damp, bodge jobs, parts being impossible to find, spongy rotten floors, gas leaks when sleeping, stories of shells coming off their chassis when driving along and much, much more.
Our Hermie is where mine and my husbands worlds have now collided and we have finally found ourselves a home on two wheels.