Thursday, 9 August 2012

One snuggly blankie ...

I recently made a purchase that on reflection I wondered "erm, why"? It was a white blanket that, at some point, had been cut down so had frayed edges and uneven sides. I think it was my usual thought process of "cor £2.00 thats cheap, I can make something with that" without stopping to think "what exactually am I going to make"?
My first idea was to make snugly winter cushion covers but the texture just wasn't right or soft enough for this, I then pondered on using it to make a dog bed but again the texture (being the type that would trap the dog hairs within the pile and a impractical colour of bright white) meant this was also a "Nope".
Fed up with it being stuck in a heap in the airing cupboard I made it my mission this week to either use it or pass it on. I decided on returning it to its former self ~ a blanket again, perfect for keeping the chill off when the colder weather creeps into my summer shed (you can see said summer shed here). During 5 mins here and 10 mins there I have attempted to beautify the tatty edges by using fabric from a tea-towel and silk scarf as a border(uh-huh yep you did read that right, another attempt at using up the things that have been pulled out of the fabric draw and stuffed back inside again sooooo many times). My sewing skills are shockingly awful but I'm putting the unique wiggly lines of stitches down to a learning curve.  I've not tried to sew silk, a blanket or join scarps together to look like one seamless strip before ~ all three are damn difficult when you have no training in sewing at all.
So ... here is the fruits of my labour and I have to say I'm pretty chuffed with it all things considered.

One snugly blankie