Friday, 3 August 2012

Bottom draw project, my choices ...Yours?

If you haven't come across Pretty Nostalgic magazine then you are missing a treat. Their manifesto is:
Pretty Nostalgic is a bi-monthly home and lifestyle magazine that celebrates vintage, traditional and sustainable ways of living. We passionately support independent British producers and love seeking out unique, eclectic homes and meeting people who love life and live by their own rules. The magazine is packed with inspiration to help make your house a home, to fill your kitchen with homegrown and foraged food, to inspire you to reuse and upcycle and to make every day an adventure. It is a handbook for creative, curious and resourceful folk who yearn for a simple, stylish and sustainable lifestyle.
Hopefully this has whet your appetite and you are champing at the bit to visit their web site
In issue one they ran a feature called "Bottom Draw Project", the article read: "The seed was planted a good five years ago, when chatting to my friend Caroline. We were talking about those items you collect over the years but you love too much to actually use. They’re the things you put to one side for… when you move into your own place, when you get married, when you own your own house, when you have a child etc." You can visit the full article here

This got me thinking, what are my bottom draw items? Inspired, below are a few pictures of what I hold dear and will never be able to part with ...

A book filled with a lifetimes moments ...
Starting with my arrival ...

and letters from friends who I'd love to be sat here with me now but sadly they can't be for two very different reasons ~ xx

 and letters from friends who can xx
and not forgetting letters from my lovely husband and kiddywinks XXX

Then theres a cushion with very sentimental broaches pinned to it. Broaches either given as presents, or once belonging to close relations, or worn by our daughter to special family occasions.

and last but not least my cupboard full of curiosities. Beautiful things that I have inherited or have memories attached to them that I have taken out of my bottom draw to enjoy.  This is in our bathroom and every morning when I clean my teeth I glance in through the glass door and start the day with a smile thinking of all the memories they evoke. 

a small wedding gift given by my lovely friend Tina on the eve of my Wedding day and a small box of shells collected whilst on a very special family holiday.

Nik naks inherited from my lovely Gramp and Auntie Grace X

So there you have it, a glimpse into a few things I hold close to my heart and feather our nest with. So what would you chose as your "bottom draw" items?